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Directorial | Post-Production Department

Direction Team & Post-Production Department

Waiting for Dawn

Fiction Feature (Coming Soon)

Director: Akash Sharma

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 10.00.46 AM.png

Bhor Er Opekkha (Waiting for Dawn) revolves around the mundane city life of a working-class family in Calcutta.  The film tries to document the characters’ loneliness, interdependence, socio-economic and emotional struggles in a burgeoning metropolis.


Short Fiction (2018)

Director: Yudhajit Basu

A shepherd returns to his village nestled in the eastern Himalayan hamlet of India after a decade in search of his family.


Short Fiction (2019)

Director: Yudhajit Basu

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 8.21.18 PM.png

The film is set inside an aromatic therapy centre in a village in Kashmir where fragrance of flower petals is used to heal war victims. There, a conversation ensues between a senile ex-militant and a woman, who is the healer. The film explores violence and woman wood in present day Kashmir, a land ravaged by political turmoil for years.

World Premiere at International Film Festival of South East Asia Toronto


Short Fiction (2016)

Director: Yudhajit Basu

'Khoji' follows two Bhutia kids in the midst of an unrest for a new state in the hills of Kurseong, India. The kids are on the look out for a temple in the jungle about which they have heard stories from their grandmother and they meet a strange old man in the forest. The old man endeavours to save Salamanders, the Himalayan reptile, from extinction.

Post-Production Department

The Fall

Short Fiction (2018)

Director: Akash Sharma

In the crumbling environs of post war Bosnia, an emotionally desolate watchmaker helps an old, homeless man kill himself. He soon begins to feel remorse for his actions and struggles to cope with his feelings of guilt and emptiness.

Post-Production Department

The Mute Call

Short Fiction (2015)

Director: Akash Sharma

'The Mute Call' is a film, which follows the daily and monotonous routine in the life of an Indian working class boy. It attempts to capture the absurdity of life in a rapidly corporatized society. We can’t do what we really want to as we are bound by societal pressure, and factors beyond our control. 

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